Sunburst Claim

New Mexico

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The Sunburst is also a Patented Mining Claim and is located at one end of the Deadwood Claims. The Sunburst was not developed to the same degree as the Deadwood but in the 1930's the intention was to continue following the vein into the Sunburst from the existing tunnels on the Deadwood claims.

Very little work has been done on the Sunburst but there is every indication that the Sunburst hosts extensions of the Deadwood Veins.

This being the case the original plan of operation calling for extending the Deadwood tunnels still has merit.

Plan of Operation

As there has been so little development at the Sunburst the first priority will be a drilling program to define the extension of the Deadwood Veins.

With the existing tunnels on the Deadwood as a guide drilling can be targeted more efficiently.

A detailed sampling and mapping project was completed in February 2006. Both geological mapping and a general survey of the property lines and elevations were carried out. The geological survey has revealed a significant outcrop of high-grade copper mineralization that appears to be fault bounded and approximately one metre in width at the exposure, suggesting a potential vein structure. The occurrence is situated such that it can easily be added to the current drilling plan on the known gold structures.

347,508 bytesCopper mineralization (blue in colour) is visible behind the geologist in this exposed part of the fault structure that was recently added to the drilling program targets. Click on the picture to view a larger image.

Mr. Patrick Kluczny, B.Sc., P.Geol. of Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd. is the Company's Qualified Person for this project.

Recent Developments

A joint venture agreement for exploration and development of the Sunburst and Deadwood claims that Micrex announced in 2006 has expired.

In 2009 the Company entered into an option agreement to sell a working interest in this property, but the option expired on January 1, 2011. Micrex still owns 100% of this property.