The Fort Steele Placer Property

Fort Steele, British Columbia

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The Fort Steele property is a potential large tonnage placer property.

The property is located in southern British Columbia on the Wildhorse River which has been producing gold for over a century.

Bulk samples run at a pilot plant yielded an average gold return of 0.197 oz. gold per cubic yard.

Testing of the heavy mineral concentrate after all visible gold had been removed yielded 12 oz. gold per ton. As these heavy minerals were recovered as part of the placer gold sampling program most of the heavy mineral concentrate was lost to tailings.

Plan of Operation

Further testing will be carried out to examine what amounts of heavy mineral are actually available for recovery.

Several experienced placer mining companies have indicated an interest in mining the claims on a production royalty basis.

Micrex is currently evaluating its options with the aim of maximizing cash flow to the company.