Saint-Alexis-des-Monts Granite Quarry | Saguenay, Québec

This quarry has produced granite blocks and stone for many years, and will continue to do so under Micrex's ownership. Micrex has identified uses for the large inventory of fractured stones that have accumulated over the years, which will add to the list of products available from this property.

St. Charles de Bourget Deposit | Saguenay, Québec

High percentages of magnetite, ilmenite (titanium oxide) and apatite (phosphate) in this deposit have attracted the interest of international mining conglomerates. When the rock is crushed and separated into these three minerals, valuable concentrations of rare earths and vanadium oxide can also be recovered. Close proximity to sea and rail facilities, the City of Saguenay, and well developed infrastructure will enable economical development of this property.

Burmis Property | Crowsnest region, Alberta

The Burmis property contains magnetite, ilmenite and zircon. Micrex has filed its application for a permit to commence production from this property, and is awaiting a decision from the Alberta Ministry of Sustainable Resources.

Bighorn Mine | Atlin, British Columbia

This mine is located near Atlin in north-western British Columbia. As with the Banks and the Deadwood this is a "hard rock" mine with a history of production and a significant potential for development.

Mount Royal Mine | New Mexico

This is a Patented Mining Claim near Duncan, Arizona. Historical exploration and mining indicate significant potential for mining on at least two veins.

Deadwood Mine | New Mexico

The Deadwood is a Patented Mining Claim that has a history of excellent production. Two major gold bearing veins run the length of the Deadwood claims for approximately 3000 feet. The mine has already been partially developed to a depth of 600 feet.

Sunburst Claim | New Mexico

Sunburst is also a Patented Mining Claim and is located at one end of the Deadwood claims. The Sunburst was not developed to the same degree as the Deadwood, but in the 1930's the intention was to continue following the vein into the Sunburst from the existing tunnels on the Deadwood claims.

Fort Steele Property | Fort Steele, British Columbia

The Fort Steele property is a potential large tonnage placer gold property. The property is located in southern British Columbia on the Wildhorse River which has been producing gold for over a century.